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A resposible adult must be present at all times!

Jumping castles, Bouncy Castles, Obstacles courses, Water Slides, All inflatable devises are usage bound to Worksafe SA guidelines, Manufactures and Australian Standards guide lines, Also by the hirer insurance company.

Please read the following safe guide lines carefully.
  1. If the power goes out or kids switch off the power point or the blower switch on the inflatable, it will collapse.
  2. In the case jumping castle collapses, get the kids out quickly without panic.  This is why the supervisor must be present 1 metre away from the inflatable.  There is also an emergency exit on the roof.
  3. Severe injuries accur on daily bases across Australia as a result of * FLIPS * SUMMERSAULTS * ROLY POLYS * ROUGH PLAY * ETC.
04777 45867 ( ijump )
iJump Jumping Castles
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