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Flagstaff Hill, Adelaide, South Australia

iJump Jumping Castle Safety

Jumping castle safety

When hiring a jumping castle from a company there is an responsibility on both parties safety.  Check for the following:

  1. The equipment being hired is suitable for the right age group and the number of kids at any one time.
  2. That the hirer has appropriate public liability insurance, a certificate of currency from their insurance provider will suffice.
  3. The equipment has been inspected & maintained, which is recorded in a log book.
  4. Research and choose a reputable company that adheres to all bouncy castle safety regulations.
  5. Cancellation policy in case plans change, weather not favourable, falling ill, etc.

iJump Jumping Castles has a clean record and when we advertise “Jumping Castles for Hire Adelaide” safety is our priority.

iJump Jumping Castles has a clean record and safety is our priority.

Safety installation of a jumping castle

  • When installing on grass, the more compacted the soil is the better anchoring is achieved.
  • We use long steel pegs, so we need to be advised where there is plumbing or irrigations so we can avoid them.
  • When installing on a hard surface, sandbags can be used and as well as tie downs to existing anchoring locations around the bouncy castle, it can also be pegged down to garden beds nearby.
  • However when the winds exceed 40km/hr, we will not be able to install the inflatable on either surfaces.
  • With water slides we need to anchor it with pegs to the   natural ground, so it doesn’t tip over.

An adult presence to oversee safety

Adult supervision

Jumping castles, Bouncy Castles, Obstacles courses, Water Slides, All inflatable devises are usage bound to Worksafe SA guidelines, Manufactures and Australian Standards guide lines, Also by the hirer insurance company.

Jumping Rules

The supervisor must follow these safety guideline:

  • Restrict the number of kids the inflatable according to the safety label on the castle.
  • Ensure the weight limit of the players. Up to ( 45kg )
  • Children under 3 years of age are not permitted on the inflatable without adult supervision.
  • Children should be grouped according to similar size.
  • No acrobatic manoeuvres or rough play allowed.
  • No climbing on walls, beams or towers.
  • Shoes, jewellery and glasses must be removed prior to entry.
  • No food, drinks, snacks, gum, etc.
  • On slides, go feet first and in a seated position only.  One rider at a time.
  • People with head, neck, back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women and others who may be susceptible to injuries from falls, bumps or bouncing are not permitted to use the equipment.
  • In the case the inflatable collapses, get the kids out quickly without panic. This is why the supervisor must be 1 metre away in front of the entrance.

Weights Vs 600mm steel pegs

While sand bags can be ok when there is no wind.  We always prefer to peg the inflatable down into the ground with 600mm long steel pegs.  The pegs are by far more secure.  But if we must use sandbags we also make sure we tie down with rope to existing posts, fences, trees, heavy solid objects or to pegs on a garden bed near to the castle.

steel anchor peg

Australian Safety Standards

We understand just how important safety is when it comes to our children, which is why we only use newer bouncy castles that are designed and constructed to comply with the Australian standards.  The designs adhere to strict safety standards.

We provide soft fall mats for hard surfaces. 

We have public liability insurance.  We can provide a copy of our certificate of currency upon request.

As a company we are extremely proud to state that we’ve been able to achieve and maintain a 100% safety record.

All our work is conducted in accordance with work safe SA. Nothing is more significant to us that providing a safe and fun environment for your precious children.

All our electrical equipment is tested and tagged.

Safety Issues to consider


Having a castle inside can be the right choice when the weather is not favourable and also a safety alternative on a windy day.


Below is an example of a bouncy castle with insufficient anchoring on concrete.

Jumping Castles injuries

In this photo there are children of different size plus an adult inside the jumping castle. This can lead to the adult becoming unbalanced and accidentally falling onto a child.
Most common jumping castle injuries vary:
  • Damaged teeth
  • Broken nose
  • Broken limbs
  • Lac
  • Twisted ankles
  • Dislocations
  • Hurt backs
  • Sprains

On this slide there are too many children coming down at once. his behaviour can cause children to all collide on top of one child.

Indoor jumping castle

All our jumping castles are in good condition, clean and disinfected upon installation.

We bring tarps, soft fall mats and weights when installed indoors.

indoor bouncy castle

Cheap Bouncers

Jumping castles which can be purchased for private use are identified as ” toys ” and are not subject to this standard, however it is important to note that the same level of care would still need to be employed when using them.

What you get

  • On time delivery ( and delivery time is agreed upon, the previous day )
  • Soft fall mats, cones, barriers, test & tagged all electrical equipment, 600mm pegs & covers, tarps, ropes.
  • We can set up to 25m away from a power point, before needing a petrol blower.
  • All safety needed equipment will be supplied.
  • All installers hold a current working with children clearance status.
  • The equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant upon installation.
  • We have a $20 million public liability insurance policy.
  • You will get a friendly service with a 5 star rating.

Frequently Asked

We are located at Flagstaff Hill and have been installing bouncing castles for the past 10 years.

If your location is too far from us, we may need to charge you a travel fee. This will have to be discussed by phone prior to hiring.

Nothing is more significant to us that providing a safe and fun environment for your children. So we maintain all our castles to the highest standard, clean and sanitise each inflatable prior to use.

All of our inflatable jumping castles and waterslides are constructed according to relevant Australian Standards.

We provide all necessary safety equipment including soft fall mats, safety cones, bunting flags barriers, netting, tarps, tie-down ropes and 600mm anchoring pegs with safety covers.

Additionally, our electrical cords and air blowers are all tested and tagged regularly and we have $20 million dollars public liability insurance for an extra peace of mind.

As a company, we are extremely proud to state that we’ve been able to achieve and maintain a 100% safety record.

All our work is conducted in accordance with Work Safe SA.

If the weather looks unfavourable, you can opt to cancel or rebook at a later date.

You may also swap your jumping castle for another at any time if it is still available, alternatively we can refund your deposit back at anytime.

If the weather looks unfavourable, you can opt to cancel or rebook at a later date.

You may also swap your jumping castle for another at any time.

Alternatively, we can refund your deposit back, with a days notice.

Please note that all our inflatable bouncy castles and water slides are constructed for kids with a weight limit of 45kg.

Our Refund Policy

If the weather looks unfavourable, you can opt to cancel or rebook at a later date.  

You may also swap your jumping castle for another at any time.  Alternatively, we can refund your deposit back, with a days notice.

Happy Customer's Rave Reviews

We hired a jumping castle for a party and the kids all loved it. It was set up and packed away and all went perfectly
Eloise H
Eloise H
We hired the spiderman jumping castle and slide for my sons fourth birthday. The communication with iJump staff was excellent and the jumping castle was a hit. Very happy with our experience will definitely hire through them again.
I would highly recommend ijump jumping castles. Communication was excellent and fast and the day was perfect! The kids absolutely loved the spiderman jumping castle. Thanks Lorraine and Bill!
Christina Faseth
Christina Faseth
ijump were amazing. From the moment I contacted them they were helpful and understanding while I juggled to try and find a suitable indoor venue for my sons birthday. He is football (soccer) made some the enclosed 10mx4m was perfect. Lorraine and Bill were great to deal with and I will be recommending them to our local club and other friends for events. I can highly recommend using them.
Micayla Cleland
Micayla Cleland
I decided last minute to get a jumping castle and they were amazing from the moment I spoke to them they booked me in straight away. Good price and amazing service very nice people. Would highly recommend
Kolby Hughes
Kolby Hughes
We hired a castle over the weekend for a birthday party and the kids had a fantastic time, we highly recommend Ijump to anyone looking to hire out a jumping castle around the Adelaide area, Lorraine was easy and kind to deal with, all round great experience.
Melanie Bird
Melanie Bird
These guys were great. Had them for my sons 6th birthday party. They set up early - everything was clean and safe and they were very friendly . Would definitely recommend.
Vashti Joy
Vashti Joy
I hired a jumping castle from ijump jumping castles over the weekend and they were fantastic, highly recommend. They were so easy and efficient at communicating with. They were able to answer all my questions and fears over safety and I was completely at ease. The day ran perfectly, having an attendant there was the best thing ever. I was able to concentrate on other areas of the party and the kids were watched, kept in order and timeslots allocated for the younger kids and older kids. It was just perfect and the kids had the best time. Highly recommend
Amanda Twyman
Amanda Twyman
Excellent customer service and good pricing too. Kids loved the bouncy castle so much. Would definitely recommend
Bec Wilson
Bec Wilson
Really friendly, punctual and great with their communication. My son and his party friends loved his spiderman jumping castle and so did I. It keep all the kids outside playing and not inside messing up the house ? Highly recommended