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Round slide jumping castle

This round slide jumping castle is a little different, it has a jumping area with a slide that curves around down the slide or down the other way.

There are many shapes and sizes to choose navigate this website to find one that suits your needs.

This inflatable jumping castle can be used for Christmas, it has themes at the front.



round slide jumping castle
inflatable with slide
round slide jumping castle
inflatable bounce house
inflatable jumping castle

So do you need more jumping space inside? or obstacles. We have many more inflatable jumping castles to look at.


                                     Refund policy

If the weather looks unfavourable, you can opt to cancel or rebook at a later date.  You may also swap your inflatable bounce house for another at any time if it is still available.  Alternatively, we can refund your deposit back at anytime.

                                     Our location

We are located at Flagstaff Hill and have been installing bouncing castles for the past 10years.  We pride ourselves in doing a good job, your kids safety is our number 1 priority.  We make sure our  inflatables are designed according to Australian Standards.  We have lower prices and when comparing us with other companies, that is to say, apples for apples, same size, same height, same contents, we are cheaper.

                                     You get

On time deliver ( ore arranged delivery time, the previous day )

Soft fall mats, cones, barriers, test & tagged all electrical equipment, 600mm pegs & covers, tarps, ropes.

All safety needed equipment will be supplied.

All installers hold a current working with children clearance status.

The equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant upon installation.

We have a 20 million public liability insurance policy.

You will get a friendly service with a 5 star rating.




If you don't want this round slide jumping castle, look for another inflatable with slide here. ----> click <----

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