Inflatable Obstacle slide with a theme

This obstacle course interactive bouncy castle will give the kids a good workout.  Choose a theme and go for it.

Obstacle inside view
Inside view
Inflatable Obstacle slide
Obstacle course
Obstacle slide
Transformers theme
obstacle smurfstheme
obstacle Christmas theme
obstacle princes theme
Happy birthday princess
obstacle toy story theme
Toy story
obstacle Shrek theme
obstacle lion king theme
Lion king
obstacle Dragon Ball theme
Dragon Ball
Obstacle side view
Side view
Obstacle slide
Slide view
Obstacle inside view
Inside view
obstacle heroes theme
obstacle Tom & Jerry theme
Tom & Jerry
obstacle madagascar theme
obstacle nemo theme
obstacle dolphin theme
obstacle Moana theme
obstacle Disney princess theme
Disney Princess
iJump Jumping Castles

We are located at Flagstaff Hill and have been installing bouncing castles for the passed ten years.  We pride ourselves in doing a good job, your kids safety is our number 1 priority. We make sure our  inflatables are designed according to Australian Standards.  We have low prices and when comparing us with other companies, that is to say, apples for apples, same size, same height, same contents, we are cheaper.  We have inflatable obstacles with slides, inflatable water slides, bouncers, mini jumping castle, large bouncy castles and more.   check them out here

We offer

On-time delivery – ( we pre-arrange delivery time the previous day )

Safety – ( mats, extension leads cover, peg covers, safety cones, barriers, electrical test & tag )

Cleanliness – ( we clean every bouncing castle upon installation )

Friendly service – ( we have a 5 star rating )

We hold a current working with children clearance status.

We have a 20Mil public liability insurance policy.

04777 45867 ( ijump )
iJump Jumping Castles
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