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Flagstaff Hill, Adelaide, South Australia

Todder Ball Pit

The perfect entertainment for toddlers!

Safe and Exciting Toddler Ball Pit Hire Service for Toddlers in Adelaide

Are you organising a party or event and want to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for the little ones? Our todder ball pit is the perfect addition to keep toddlers entertained and separate from the bigger kids, minimising the risk of injuries. Read on to discover why our ball pit hire service is the ideal choice for your next gathering!

This toddler ball pit normally gets hired with a jumping castle.  It is a good idea to keep the toddlers separated from the bigger kids to avoid injuries. It’s good for indoor hires. The soft edges is a plus for the toddlers. 

A toddlers ball pit is ideally more suited for indoor use to keep the balls within a designated area. But if the set up is done right you can achieve this out doors too.

Toddlers love playing in the ball pits. They will dive in and have fun. They love to swim and crawl through the balls. They even have fun tossing the balls around. 

Inflatable toddler ball pits provide children with a number of opportunities to aquire learning. Playing in a ball pit allows the children to strengthen their muscles. Throwing and rolling the balls supports their fine motor development. 

Toddler ball pits are also a great for sensory play. As the infants move through the balls, it provides them with an experience that feels calming. 

The toddler ball pit also offers the children with opportunities for social interaction. Ball pit play promotes development and fun learning experiences!

For the cleaning process of the balls we first bulk scrub the balls with detergent, then a rinse with a high pressure hose, as a final touch we soak them in a diluted vinegar solution before letting then dry naturally. The vinegar solution helps with the prevention of bacteria and also stops kids from licking.

How to make a booking

Booking our ball pit hire is quick and easy! Our friendly team will assist you in selecting the right package that suits your event and guide you through the booking process.

Benefits of Our Ball Pit Hire

  1. Safety First: We prioritise the well-being of toddlers and provide a designated area for them to play, away from the more energetic activities of older kids. With our toddler ball pit, you can relax knowing that your little ones are having a blast in a safe environment.

  2. Endless Fun: Our ball pit offers hours of entertainment and excitement for toddlers. The colourful balls and soft cushioning provide a sensory experience that stimulates their imagination and encourages active play.

  3. Perfect Combo: Combine our toddler ball pit hire service with a jumping castle to create the ultimate party setup! Toddlers can enjoy the ball pit while older kids jump and bounce in the castle, ensuring a memorable event for all age groups.

  4. Convenient Setup: We handle the entire setup process, so you can focus on other party preparations. Our professional team will deliver and install the toddler ball pit at your chosen venue, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

  5. Impeccable Hygiene: We prioritise cleanliness and maintain strict hygiene standards for our toddler ball pit. Each ball is regularly cleaned and sanitised to ensure a hygienic play environment for your little ones.

What you get

  • On time delivery ( and delivery time is agreed upon, the previous day )
  • Soft fall mats, cones, barriers, test & tagged all electrical equipment, 600mm pegs & covers, tarps, ropes.
  • We can set up to 25m away from a power point, before needing a petrol blower.
  • All safety needed equipment will be supplied.
  • All installers hold a current working with children clearance status.
  • The equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant upon installation.
  • We have a $20 million public liability insurance policy.
  • You will get a friendly service with a 5 star rating.

Frequently Asked

We are located at Flagstaff Hill and have been installing bouncing castles for the past 10 years.

If your location is too far from us, we may need to charge you a travel fee. This will have to be discussed by phone prior to hiring.

Nothing is more significant to us that providing a safe and fun environment for your children. So we maintain all our castles to the highest standard, clean and sanitise each inflatable prior to use.

All of our inflatable jumping castles and waterslides are constructed according to relevant Australian Standards.

We provide all necessary safety equipment including soft fall mats, safety cones, bunting flags barriers, netting, tarps, tie-down ropes and 600mm anchoring pegs with safety covers.

Additionally, our electrical cords and air blowers are all tested and tagged regularly and we have $20 million dollars public liability insurance for an extra peace of mind.

As a company, we are extremely proud to state that we’ve been able to achieve and maintain a 100% safety record.

All our work is conducted in accordance with Work Safe SA.

If the weather looks unfavourable, you can opt to cancel or rebook at a later date.

You may also swap your jumping castle for another at any time if it is still available, alternatively we can refund your deposit back at anytime.

If the weather looks unfavourable, you can opt to cancel or rebook at a later date.

You may also swap your jumping castle for another at any time.

Alternatively, we can refund your deposit back, with a days notice.

Please note that all our inflatable bouncy castles and water slides are constructed for kids with a weight limit of 45kg.

Our Refund Policy

If the weather looks unfavourable, you can opt to cancel or rebook at a later date.  

You may also swap your jumping castle for another at any time.  Alternatively, we can refund your deposit back, with a days notice.