Inflatable water slide hire Adelaide

Benefits of inflatables games

A warm summer can sometimes mean you need to find an alternative solution to your standard backyard party hire or outdoor event. A jumping castle might be for you.  But what about on a hot day?  Contact us for an inflatable water slide hire Adelaide it’s the perfect solution.  So if you want a memorable experience, or to get the all the family  and kids together and have fun.  A waterslide will keep them amused the whole time.


Inflatable Water slide hire Adelaide
Side view
Inflatable Waterslide hire Adelaide
Inflatable games
2 part tropical
Inflatable games
Dolphin with kids
Inflatable Waterslide hire Adelaide dolphin water slide side wall picture
Side wall picture
Tropical water slide
3 Parts Tropical
Inflatable Water slide hire Adelaide
Dolphin top aerial view
Inflatable Waterslide hire Adelaide
Other side picture

Supervision of inflatable games

So you may need to keep an eye on the kids the whole time,  however I am sure they will thank you for it. iJump provides nice looking, clean inflatable games.  Our products  not only for backyards but can be hired for a private or public events and for an extra hourly rate charge we can also supply you with a supervisor for the duration of the party hire.

Double lane water slide

Keep all of the children at your upcoming birthday party or local event nice and cool by hiring one of our stunning inflatable water slide hire Adelaide with a polar the end.  We have a small, medium and large and there is even an obstacle water slide option, depending on the occasion.  But the dolphin water slide has 2 separate lanes coming down with a long pool at the end.

Tropical water slide

Similarly to the dolphin water slide, the tropical water slide also has 2 separate  lanes,  10 metres long for 2 parts and 14metres for the 3 parts.  However for the 3 parts, you will need a little slope on the land to get that extra sliding distance.  The great thing about this one is that it has a shade cover, so the kids can stay on the inflatable games and not come out to the grass area.  Similarly to what you get from a jumping castle, a hop, a skip and a jump.  As a final point all these pools come with a soft fall mats underneath.  In conclusion there is good value for money here.

iJump Jumping Castles

We are located at Flagstaff Hill and have been installing bouncing castles for the passed ten years.  We pride ourselves in doing a good job, your kids safety is our number 1 priority. We make sure our  inflatables are designed according to Australian Standards.  We have low prices and when comparing us with other companies, that is to say, apples for apples, same size, same height, same contents, we are cheaper.

We offer

On-time delivery – ( we pre-arrange delivery time the previous day )

Safety – ( mats, extension leads cover, peg covers, safety cones, barriers, electrical test & tag )

Cleanliness – ( we clean every bouncing castle upon installation )

Friendly service – ( we have a 5 star rating )

We hold a current working with children clearance status.

We have a 20Mil public liability insurance policy.

04777 45867 ( ijump )
iJump Jumping Castles
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